Three Pillars: Training/Education, Scholarships, Job Creation

Our Vounteers, None of this is possible without the support and help of our amazing army of volunteers! Thanks to each and everyone that makes a positive difference!

Gaither Martin, Government Relations. Gaither is an expert in negotiating and implementing contracts with the U.S. Federal Government, State Governments, and Governments of other nations. He served as the Chief Project Leader for the Dept of Defense during the Iraqi Rebuild Program. Gaither is also called upon by high level politicians as Campaign Manager. 

Shayne Chance, Business Development Director - Shayne has 23 years of experience in business development and delivering corporate training programs for HR, Self Defense for Women, and Awareness. Shayne has owned and operated a highly successful real estate company, and is a certified CRE Trainer. Shayne is also a successful sales person, and has over 20 years experience in direct sales. She is also the co-host of the Entrepreneurs Radio Network Show.

Larry Perkins, EVP Operations - Larry has successfully launched several companies in manufacturing, distribution and construction management. He helped to develop the charter school system for Arizona and helped launch five new charter schools. Larry is frequently called on to provide expert consulting to politicians as they run for office and comprise a comprehensive campaign. He is a highly experienced professional in operations and supply chain management.


GO*VETS Foundation provides funding to improve the quality of life of veterans. We raise funds and awareness through sponsorships, donations, events, and products. The Foundation provides Training & Education programs and scholarships in local communities for charitable causes who serve veterans and their family members.

Job Creation

Through our corporate partnerships we have several companies who are looking to hire veterans. If you are interested in this program, please fill out your contact information and tell us what kind of work you are looking for, then let us get to work and find the job you are best suited for! Please fill out the form below... 

Brian Hazelgren, CEO - Brian is an Entrepreneur, Author, Executive Coach & Trainer, and Philanthropist. Brian has written 10 books, Launched the Entrepreneur Center at the University of Utah, started many companies, Helped raise over $1.2 billion in charitable donations, Developed over 50 online courses for business, Hosts a radio talk show, Trained over 45,000 business executives, and over 3,500 college students. And, he's very passionate about improving the quality of life of our veterans. 

Meet Our Team

  • The 3 Pillars of the GO*VETS system are defined by: Training & Education; Scholarships and Job Creation

GO*VETS Foundation is a qualified 501c3 tax exempt organization. Our primary goals are to train veterans in small business ownership, and also assist them in finding jobs. Please join us in getting more of our veterans through the training and education system. And, if you know of companies who wish to hire veterans, please let us know about the opportunities to get our veterans in touch with the right people