The materials used in the Training Programs are the foundation of building a successful career in business, especially as an entrepreneur. These materials have been used to train over 60,000 executives, over 3,500 MBA students and veterans, and several books have been translated into other languages.  Students have gained a greater knowledge of business and personal development. 

Veterans receive training during the GO*VETS Business Education for Veterans (GBEV) program. The different phases of the program focus on Business Education, Personal Development, and Health & Wellness, Training. 

Keeping Our Promise To Those Who Kept Their Promise To Us! 

We have training sessions going on throughout the year. Please CLICK HERE TO REGISTER


* Modern Day Marketing for Small Business
​* DVA Program to Assist Veterans
* Financing Your Venture Part 1
* Financing Your Venture Part 2

* Preparing To Present Your Plan To Investors
* Presenting Your Business to Investors
* IT & Business Continuity Planning
* Getting To Profitability
* Understanding the Numbers Part 1

* Understanding the Numbers Part 2
* Business Insurance and Compliance

​* Pricing Your Services and Products

* Innovation & Strategy

​* Resource Allocation & Assessment

* Resource Planning for the Small Business

* Operations and Managing the Supply Chain

​* Traits of a Leader

​* Employee Handbook Essentials

* Using Technology to Grow Your Business

​* Being Charitable and Giving Back

​* Coaching & Mentoring Programs

* The Entrepreneurial Experience: Free Enterprise System
​* The Entrepreneurial Experience: Mission, Aspirations, Risk
* Resources for Veterans
* The Beginning Components of Your Company

* Integrating Family and Business Life
* What's in a Name? Marketing Analysis & Research
* Smart Ways to Launch or Expand Your Business
* Discovering Personal Genius and Innovation
* 7 Things You Should Do Every Day To Succeed 

* Setting & Achieving Goals
* Human Resources and Other People Issues

​* The Power of Niche Marketing

* Social Media and SEO

​* Introduction to Business Planning

* Developing an Investor Ready Business Plan

* Understanding the Market Potential

​* Brainstorming for Greater Success

​* Intellectual Property and Other Legal Issues

* Introduction Government Contracts

​* Factors in Sustainability

* 12 Key Principles of Business & Personal Development

GO*VETS Foundation is an organization created to assist in providing a better quality of life for military veterans by helping them launch their own company, expand their existing small business, or find employment.

The purpose of the Foundation is to give back to our military veterans and provide a better quality of life. We accomplish this by providing award-winning business training; scholarships; employment opportunities through a network of corporate partners; and self-improvement programs that get to the heart of personal issues like PTSD, personal development, and dealing with addictions.

The educational programs provided to the veterans are free. But we need your help to fund these programs! We strive to constantly raise funds and awareness through corporate and individual donations; packaged goods promotions; and special events. The vets can be with us in the program for up to one year.